Resolutions …

Resolutions, revolutions and religions depend not only on a clear vision of a perfectionable future but on the releasing of the past. As is often the case the Christ put it very well when he warned against putting new wine in old wineskins. But we hesitate to make a clean break with the past and in hesitating the future and the present are lost.

Autumn is a time for letting go .. I realise that there is much that I need to release, to clear out of my life, in order to move on.

Socialism is a political theory and a set of principles that people calling themselves socialists argue about. These principles derive from correct ethical premises concerning the equal worth of individuals and our essential unity of being. A fuller understanding of and commitment to the premises would facilitate the implementation of socialism’s mostly correct principles but most socialists regard the premises I mentioned as metaphysical and prefer talk about scientific materialism, about the rights of groups rather than individuals and seek to implement new pecking orders rather than work to eliminate hierarchical orders altogether.

It is not what we call ourselves that matters, it is what we do.

The Internet is both boon and bane. It is an externalisation of the collective conscious and unconscious of its users. As an information world it interacts with the power dynamics of the material world on which it is built but these dynamics are not necessarily the same.

Everyone does what they do. For better or worse writing on the Internet is what I do. I may put together a book at some point but wrting like this, conversationally, has value of a different sort. I like the transcience of it.

It matters what people think of what I write and if they think of it at all. I won’t pretend it doesn’t. The thing is not to fear what men say .. caring what men (and women) say is human.

To practice unconditional love with ourselves or anyone is to automatically practice it with everyone since being anyone in particular, including being ourselves, is merely a condition of being and unconditional love must love every state of being.

It is not a particular condition of Being that is to be loved it is the Beingness beneath the condition.

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