Eckhart Tolle

Tolle gives good advice about being present and his authentic presence is evident in the way that he speaks. I was almost as impressed with Russell Brand for being so quiet and so honest about himself. I think Brand was surprised himself.

Some key points:

What we do is an expression of our level of consciousness.

If we fight something we give it more energy. Be aware. Be an observing presence. Feel desire arising but don’t be that desire.

The Hive Mind moves into our minds. We know we are in the collective egoistic Hive Mind when we are participating in condemning others.

We need to operate on the level of Being not just Doing.

I sketched as I was listening and making notes:

Tolle’s understanding/teaching is similar to Krishnamurti’s because they are both based on appreciation of being in the present moment and ‘choiceless observation’.

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