Conversation is to communities what intelligence is to individuals. Without ongoing conversation community cannot be said to exist and to be part of a community individuals must be part of the community’s conversations.

The social distancing of the Covid-19 situation threatens to break down our ability as communities to be intelligent and we should take whatever steps we can to counter this by creating intelligent and inclusive conversations.

I would like to have Xoom conversations on an ongoing, fortnightly, basis. I want to facilitate two of these ongoing conversations:

1. Conversations After Dark starting Thursday 9th July 10.00 pm with a first topic titled ‘Conversation as Collective Intelligence’ and gathering thoughts from anyone interested in the issue on how we can use conversation in ways that empower and heal us as communities and as individuals in communities.

Conversations After Dark – Conversation as Collective Intelligence

Time: Jul 9, 2020 10:00 PM London…

2. Newham Democracy Discussions starting Tuesday 14 July 8.00 pm with a first topic titled ‘Inclusion and Isolation’ and looking at how we are coping locally.

Newham Democracy Discussions – Inclusion or Isolation.

Time: Jul 14, 2020 08:00 PM London…

The Newham Democracy Discussions are going to be most relevant to people in Newham, of course, while Conversations After Dark will be relevant to anyone interested from anywhere.

I understand that some people may be concerned by Zoom security issues and in order to mitigate some of these I ask that anyone interested contact me for a passwork to access the discussions.