Dialogue or Conversation is a ‘Way’.

There is no question that the ‘Way of Conversation’ is as much a spiritual path as any other. The only question is whether we are using it as such.

As a ‘Skillful Means’ (I am pilfering a Buddhist term) conversation can transform the social world and help human beings achieve significance as human beings within it. As a Way it is an end in itself. As with meditation it is both a path to and an expression of self realisation.

Conversation and Meditation are two sides of the same coin. They require Intention, Attention, Diligence and Humility. They are practices that require practise. Simply saying that we are practicing Conversation or Meditation does not mean that we are using them effectively as Means or as Ways.

“A warrior starts off with the certainty that his spirit is off balance; then by living in full control and awareness, but without hurry or compulsion, he does his ultimate best to gain this balance.”

~ Carlos Castaneda

As an individual I know for sure that my own life is ‘off balance’. Looking at the world I know with certainty that the world is ‘off balance’. I don’t condemn myself or the world, to do so only puts things more out of balance. We have to accept that we are where we are but we do not have to accept that we have to stay here.

What I write here, on the Internet, on social media, has the conversational intention I have described. In talking with you here or anywhere else, I am not trying to fix you and I am not asking you to fix me.

I’m not okay, you’re not okay, the world’s not okay. But that’s okay. We can work on it together.

That’s what this is about.