April 11, 2020


I’m frustrated by my failure to solve the posting problem. Is it my trying to upload images that causes wider problems – perhaps corrupting pages and making it impossible to save?

After successfully uploading an image and publishing the previous blog post. I tried to update and publish that same page but was unable to do so, whereas I have so far been able to update this post to which I have not tried to upload any images.

Perhaps the problem is temporary. Perhaps not. For the moment I give up.

Posting Problems

After the latest WordPress upgrade I’ve been having problems updating pages and posts. Dreamhost, my hosting service, tried to fix this but it didn’t work. My last response from them was basically ‘Sorry you’re having problems with your site. Good luck.’

This post is part of my effort to sort out the problem. I’ve tried disabling plugins and changing setting and am now trying different themes. I think this Button Theme might be successful even if I’m left with a look I don’t like much.

In addition to problems posting, I also have problems uploading images or videos. Button doesn’t solve the image upload problem.

YouTube embeds work:

I was able to upload an image using the Ajaira theme: