January 2020

When Another Makes You Suffer

This is true to a point, and that’s the point at which the other person has more power than you and is abusing that power and you. At that point your first job is to protect yourself and take away their power to hurt you. You can only punish from a place of power and heal from a place of safety. If you have power you should always choose healing over punishment but get to safety first.

Abby Martin and BDS

Since 2014, 28 states, among those Georgia, have adopted anti-boycott laws, including five executive orders issued by governors.

Former teleSUR presenter and creator of The Empire Files Abby Martin was blocked from delivering a keynote speech at Georgia Southern University for refusing to “sign a contractual pledge to not boycott Israel” to comply with the anti-Boycott, Divest and Sanctions state law.

Telesur 17 Jan 2020

Interesting article. If BDS were adopted by the Labour Party there could be no Labour Friends of Israel and relations with pro-Israel organisations such as the Board of Deputies would be problematic but certainly oppositional on the issue of Israel. The same would apply to equivalent institutions in the US.

If support for the state of Israel itself or support for Jewish institutions supporting the state of Israel are seen as intrinsic to Jewish identity then BDS is intrinsically antisemitic.

New Beginnings

I’ve deleted my previous posts to this site. This is because I want to focus my writing around the fifty-two essays that I’ve undertaken to write.

So far there are three essays. The first I and I is more personal, the second, Shadow Commander and the third, A Crisis of Antirationalism are political. The intention is to present more philosophical perspectives on politics and, at the same time, make the effort to sharpen my own writing skills.

In addition to the fifty-two essays I will write one short blog post each day.